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A comedic take on being a black woman in today’s day and age, Insecure follows the experiences of the African-American women Issa Dee and Molly Carter. It was originally co-written by Issa Rae, who plays her on-screen counterpart Issa Dee in the series, Natasha Rothwell and Regina Hicks. The hbo go Insecure series has won the Peabody Award for ‘Entertainment’ in 2018. And Issa Rae has won the 2019 Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Television Series for comedy.

HBO GO Insecure

About the HBO GO Insecure series

Insecure – Season 1

Issa works for a non-profit organization, We Got Y’all that aids middle-school students of color while Molly is a successful attorney. While Molly is successful, she struggles to get her act together internally as she finds dating men difficult. On the other hand, Issa Dee wrestles through her days trying to overcome her racial frustrations. At the same time, she also has to deal with her live-in boyfriend Lawrence, who has become complacent.

Insecure – Season 2

In the season’s Insecure episodes, when Lawrence finds out that Issa was cheating on him, he leaves her. While Issa tries to earn Lawrence’s forgiveness, he finds a new love in his bank teller. Molly finds out that her white male colleague earns a lot more than she does. Due to this prejudice, since her co-worker and she has the same experience and qualifications, Molly looks for a new job. The season ends when Issa moves out of the apartment she shared with her live-in ex-boyfriend. She crashes at her new boyfriend Daniel’s house until she finds a new place she can afford.

Insecure – Season 3

Issa toggles with her boss reprimanding her for trying to bring a change and finding an apartment in L.A. Molly, on finding a new job realizes that to her dismay, she misses the old one she had. When We Got Y’all doesn’t keep up on its promise and represents a logo that isn’t in tandem with Issa’s views, she quits her job. The season ends when Issa spots her previous love interest, Lawrence who has a new character development.

What to Expect in Season 4 of Insecure HBO GO

Will both Molly and Issa realize the love of their lives in Insecure season 4 and triumph their repercussions? Will Issa find solace in her new business plan or in her returning love interest Lawrence? Can Molly’s patch up her relationship with Dro and find peace with her new work? Activate HBO GO, re-watch all the seasons and get ready to know more in Insecure season 4.

Activating the HBO GO channel on your Roku

  • Making the necessary connections between your Roku and TV using a high-speed HDMI cable and AC power adapter USB, switch on the devices.
  • Selecting the appropriate HDMI input on your TV, wait for the Roku logo to appear. Now, establish a wireless or wired network connection between the Roku streaming player and your Router.
  • Go to the ‘Streaming channels‘ option from the Roku device’s ‘Home‘ screen and search for HBO GO.
  • When you locate the HBO GO channel app, add it to your feed using the ‘Add Channel‘ option.
  • Once the channel appears on your feed or ‘Home’ screen, select it again and sign in with your TV service provider credentials.
  • Logging in, you’ll see an HBO GO channel activation code will show up on your TV screen.
  • Visiting the website from a PC or mobile device, enter this activation code and tap on ‘Submit‘.
  • This will link your provider account with Roku and the HBO GO channel will automatically refresh. It is possible for you to now stream the episodes of the comedic series, Insecure HBO GO.

The HBO GO application for mobile devices

Streaming the HBO GO Insecure series on the HBO GO app for Android and iOS devices  is also possible. Of late, a number of people take to streaming the shows on HBO with their mobile devices. Download the HBO GO app onto your mobile and login with your TV provider credentials to watch Insecure HBO GO.

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