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HBO GO Kids is part of HBO GO’s original programming. The shows and movies available on this platform have been chosen with care and after considerate deliberation. Beginning with shows that aims at building congenital understanding in kids, to all the way to movies about morals, HBO GO Kids has it all.

These shows and movies are available to anyone with a cable subscription that carries HBO. Most parents stream HBO GO KIDS through their Roku streaming device into their living room and watch and enjoy the shows and movies together.


To activate HBO GO on your Roku streaming device you should follow the given steps below

  • To watch HBO GO you will need a cable provider that carries HBO GO. You should also have a subscription for HBO with your cable provider for you to access the on-demand contents available with HBO GO.
  • On your Roku streaming device, you should navigate to the Roku store and search for the HBO GO application to watch HBO GO Kids movies and TV shows.
  • You should then download and install the HBO GO application and run the application. Once you do this, you will get a code on your screen.
  • On your web-browser you should go to the website –, and enter the code you can see on your screen. This will begin the procedure of authenticating your Roku device with your HBO GO.
  • The Roku activation process for HBO GO KIDS will then take you to a screen that will ask you to enter the username and password of your TV cable service provider.

You will now be able to watch Kids shows on HBO GO

Kids love to associate with a character from movies or TV shows that best describe the way they feel. Sometimes they would like the Kermit the frog from seasme street, while other times they might love Clifford the giant red dog. They follow these characters on their adventures and learn alongside them.

Some of the best HBO GO Kids movies


The story of a peace loving bull who is forced to go back to the bullfighting ring. This movie has heart. You will be rooting for this bull wants to go back to the farm and be with his friend. This is a movie that you and your little one will enjoy. And you can watch it on HBO GO KIDS.

Shrek 2

The sequel to the highly successful story about an ogre with a foul temper who wins the heart of the Princess of the land. This story will show your little one that does not matter how you look on the outside, what matters is what you do with your life.

Peter Pan

The story of the leader of the orphans from Neverland and his forever youth, this is a story that you and your little one will be to enjoy. Watch as Peter flies around and gets into adventures.

These are the best new Kids shows on HBO GO

Sesame Street

The classic PBS show comes on a 30 minute format on HBO.

Esme and Roy

A cartoon show where monsters and a little girl work together to solve any challenge that they face.

Pinky Dinky Doo

Uses dance to solve problems that she faces using her imagination.

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