Comparison Between HBO GO And HBO NOW

Though both these applications are meant for users to follow their shows on the go, HBO GO and HBO NOW do have a lot in common and not. Let’s find out the characteristic features that each of these applications possess on HBO GO vs HBO NOW.




Since both the apps are original broadcasts, you will be able to stream live and on-demand videos of most shows. There is no compromise on the content on either of the apps; besides, both have similar menu options that facilitate navigation between one another.

Do they cost the same?

The actual difference between HBO GO vs HBO NOW lies in their costs; and also on how you gain access to each of the services. The HBO NOW service is a stand-alone app and has an individual subscription fee associated with it. However, that is not the case with HBO GO which makes it mandatory that you have a cable subscription for the HBO channel. So invariably the cost of the latter depends solely on the cost of your cable or satellite subscription. In case you have a streaming device, then you can use bundle apps to access HBO GO. Some examples include DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with live TV and YouTube TV.

Which devices support these apps?

A wide variety of devices ranging from mobile phones to 4K streaming players support both these applications. Only you must know how to add and activate their service on your desired device. Our website provides the right assistance to users who wish to activate either of these apps on their desired device.

  • Amazon devices – Fire TV and Kindle
  • Apple devices – iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV and iPhone
  • Android devices – TVs, mobile phones and Tablets
  • Google devices – Chromecast
  • Windows devices – PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • Sony devices – Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Their limitations

Like most good things, HBO GO and HBO NOW both have their very own limitations. Let’s have a look at them and how you can overcome them on your device. Like expected, it is easier to manage a stand-alone app which does not require any cable subscriptions. Therefore, it is quite clear that handling the HBO NOW app is way much easier when compared to the HBO GO service. Moreover, multi-device streaming too is more convenient on the former app. Although simultaneous streams is allowed and capped on both the services, you can still rely on HBO NOW for a better service. This is simply because sharing your cable or satellite subscription details is never too easy.

Which one should you choose HBO GO vs HBO NOW?

If you are someone with an existing cable subscription, then HBO GO is your downright choice. We would suggest the NOW app to everyone else on the list.

In case you want to learn how to add or activate either of these services on any compatible device, then you can call us at our toll-free number +1-855-350-3180 or visit for immediate assistance.

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