Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement describes in detail about how Hbo-go-activate collects, uses, transfers, and discloses data. This includes personal Information that we obtain through the website. Or through using any form of direct or indirect communication between the website and the user. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by this Privacy Statement by using our services.

Data Collection Process

Information collected from the users are used however to study and analyze the data for the betterment of our services.

Name and Contact Details

All information we obtain through the website either directly or indirectly such as the name, device model or other personal details will always be confidential.

Credentials and Payment data collection

The account details and payment credentials we obtain from the user will be kept extremely confidential and will not use it for any other purpose than intended.

Device Information

For providing efficient solutions to the user’s issues, we will be collecting the device information, its current operational state or any other related information.

Collection of Location data

During the course of providing service, Hbo-go-activate may collect information about the device’s location with the sole intention of providing a good feedback for the issue.


The website may use cookies for varied purposes like analyzing the site traffic, document download and other technical issues.

Personal Information

The personal information of our users will be strictly confidential unless we wish to take any legal action against the user. This may happen on instances where the user interferes or violates the rights of Hbo-go-activate.