Though HBO GO is a reputed channel, it does have some issues while streaming content. It could be a blank screen issue or a cache related issue. You need to troubleshoot it accordingly. So here are a few tips on how to resolve HBO GO playback issues on different streaming devices.

Resolve HBO GO Playback Issues

Check for updates

It is essential that you keep the HBO GO app updated at all times. You can manage settings so that the streaming device automatically updates the app. Otherwise, you can manually update the software whenever necessary.If the device is still unable to play any content, then you have to try out the next remedy.

Clear cache

Another method to rectify playback issues is by clearing your device cache. These settings vary from one streamer to another. To know how to clear the cache on your streaming device contact us on +1-855-350-3180.

Restart the device

Certain devices do not have a separate restart button. In such cases, you must simply plug them out of the power source and plug it back in after a few minutes. Once you restart the device, most streaming issues will have vanished. If it is still persistent, then you must remove the app and reinstall it.

Remove the app and install it once again

  • Open the settings menu of your device and then navigate to the App management menu
  • Choose the HBO GO app and remove it using the UNINSTALL option
  • Restart your device to make sure that the app was successfully removed
  • Then once again visit the respective app store from your device and install the HBO GO channel app
  • You will need your channel provider’s information such as username and password for this process
  • In case you have lost this info, you can contact your channel provider and request for the login credentials

The Roku streaming players, however, face a very peculiar issue with respect to this channel. It is called the “HDCP unauthorized content disabled” error. You must fix this error in order to stream content without interruptions.

How to fix HDCP unauthorized content disabled in Roku

Are you having issues connecting to HBO GO’s video stream from your earlier Roku players? The versions that face this problem are Roku LT, Roku 2 and Roku 3. It is one of the main Roku problems that users face.  The error message that will display on your screen when you attempt to view a channel from these devices is, “HDCP unauthorized access content disabled”.

Before we get down to the fix, let us first learn what this Roku HDCP 2.2 error is and why it is so important. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is similar to a copyright that protects digital media content from being copied by unauthorized personnel. The connection types that are protected by the HDCP are,

  • DisplayPort (DP)
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF)
  • Unified Display Interface (UDI)

The technology was developed by Intel and was designed to give an error whenever someone tries to play an HDCP encrypted content. This Roku buffering problem can occur even after you pay a subscription towards a particular channel. Be assured that the issue lies neither in your streaming device nor in your Roku account. The culprit here is your HDMI cable.

Performing the fix

An old wire that is not compatible with HDCP or a faulty HDMI cable are reasons for the Rokupurple screen issue. And the only way to overcome it is by replacing your HMDI cable. After making this replacement you may, however, want to restart all the connected devices such as your Roku, TV and the router before giving it another try.

Read on further to learn some Troubleshooting Tips For HBO Now on Roku Device. Visit our website for other device-specific troubleshooting steps.

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